Dear English speaking Fans,

This is a pleasure to welcome you on this part of the website : Orbis non Sufficit !

We may not talk the same language, but we know enough Latin to know what the Bond family’s moto means : The world is not enough… especially when it is the world of James Bond we are talking about!
So we French fans got together one night and wondered about this tricky question : How many deleted scenes are there in the Bond franchise ? One year later, you can see the result of this search : we have gathered here all known deleted scenes of the 24 Bond films to date, plus Never say never again and the Climax!’s Casino Royale.
Sometimes it’s a all scene that can be found on a DVD, sometimes a vanished shot from a trailer, sometimes it’s just a photo, last remaining testimony of a scene that was shot. We even pushed the fandom to finding some precious few seconds of unseen film footage that could have make it to the final version.
Of course, there are still some missing scenes that are waiting to be discovered, but that’s what we are : Raiders of the lost Scenes. We will always be happy to hear from you if you notice a scene we have forgotten. And in bonus, this section include also the lost scripts of Bond’s films.

So welcome, and we hope you will enjoy practising your French accent (and Google Translate) here with us !

CJB team

The CJB team welcomes you : Clément, Rémi, Greg & Yvain

This part of the website would never have been possible without the great findings of English speaking fans around the world, especially the following :

Formalism :

  • [R] – Rumor. Very few informations or photos to prove the veracity of this deleted scene.
  • [P] – The deleted scene exist, but only in photos.
  • [V] – The cut scene exist and it is watchable in video. This video has been not officially distributed via DVD.
  • [BA] – The scene is visible in a trailer.
  • [DVD] – The deleted scene is watchable in DVD’s bonus.
  • [T] – Testimony. No photos, no videos of this scene but it is evoke by the people who makes the films (DVD’s commentary, interviews, …)

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